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First, the steel structure parking garage metal kits



1. Introduction

The main function of steel structure garage building is to store and protect vehicles, and it is the highest quality building material. It is durable and requires no maintenance in the later stage. Unlike wood, it will deteriorate after a few years and needs to be replaced regularly.

Garage is an important part of your property. Now almost every family has cars. The durable metal structure garage kit can not only protect your vehicle, but also add value to your property. The steel structure garage is an ideal building structure with simple installation, fast construction speed, low cost and environmental protection. No building material is as flexible as steel in design, which is an important reason why you need steel garage construction.








Product performance:

Steel structure building has the advantages of light weight, high strength and long service life.

Scope of application:


Product Notes (Features):

Our products are all energy-saving and environmental protection materials, all materials can be reused. Each component is prefabricated, which saves you a lot of installation time and cost.

Obtained certification:

CE certification


The design scheme and construction scheme can be determined according to the actual situation of customers.



2. steel structure building kits

Compared with concrete structure, steel structure building kit has excellent seismic performance. In earthquake-prone areas, prefabricated metal structures are the best building structures. In addition, the installation of prefabricated metal buildings is simple, and the construction speed is only one third of that of concrete structures.

The steel structure building has the advantage of flexible design, so the prefabricated steel structure garage building has a variety of uses. In the field of industrial construction, they can be used as warehouses, small factories, and also as granaries. A building has many purposes. The versatility of steel structure design makes it possible to use it for many functions to meet different needs.


3. Characteristic:

a. The light steel structure can be adopted for the metal structure garage building, which can reduce the section size of beams and columns and reduce the foundation cost.

b. The size is unlimited, and the width is designed according to the actual use. It can be created as a single slope roof or a double slope roof. The span can be designed as 9~36m, the column spacing is 6m, and the column height is 4.5~9m.

c. The support is connected with the column web directly or through the horizontal gusset plate, and the rod steel can be tensioned with the screw buckle.


Second, prefabricated metal structure garage kits

1. Metal garage

The metal garage is a metal structure with a roof that provides protection against rain, snow and sun protection for tools such as cars, boats and bicycles. The Snapdragon Group has designed a number of metal garages of different sizes, styles and colors to meet your different needs. In addition our steel garage buildings can also be customized to meet your specific needs.

The company has many years of experience in designing parking garages, providing quality products at the best possible price, creating a pleasant buying experience for all types of metal garage buyers. Whether you are looking for a metal garage, bicycle garage, boathouse, we can meet your specifications.

Common garage doors are mainly remote, electric and manual. Among them, remote control, induction, and electric can all be collectively referred to as automatic garage doors. The main difference between a manual garage door and an automatic garage door is that there is no motor. Automatic garage doors are now mainly classified as: flap garage doors and roller shutter garage doors.




metal garage buildings




2. Below are the information you need to provide when ordering our metal garage:

● Local climate and load.

● Metal carports need to remain open or partially closed.

● Roof, wall and decorative colors


3. How to order a metal garage?

● How long does it take for me to order a steel garage?

The time period associated with delivery and installation varies depending on your status. Delivery time for carports and metal garages is approximately 7-30 days.

● Can the metal garage be custom width or length?

Yes, we can tailor the length and width of the metal garage for you.

● Can the color of the garage roof and wallboard be customized?

You can give us the color you like, and we will tailor it for you.

● How to order a metal garage?

You can send your request to our email address or contact us by phone.

1. Phone number: 15981850388

2. Contact: Ada Gao

3.  Mail box:






If you have any questions about our products or services, feel free to reach out to customer service team.


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