Canglong Steel structure Co., Ltd in china since 2003

Professional design team to meet your quality needs

Canglong Group has an efficient, professional and high-quality team of designers. Team members have at least 15 years of experience in steel structure project design in this industry.

International mainstream design software escorts your building safety

The design team of Canglong Group adopts the international mainstream design software, and carries out design analysis in strict accordance with international standards in the design process of each project. While ensuring the safety, energy saving and high efficiency of buildings, it effectively reduces the material loss and waste of the project and ensures the economic design scheme of each project.

Strictly Control Design Quality and Drawing Audit

The design team of Canglong Group always keeps a dedicated and continuous working attitude to ensure the sustainability of the final design scheme of each project. For each project, our team must undergo rigorous project safety analysis and the whole team will participate in the final drawings review of each project to ensure zero design mistakes.



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