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 —Polyurethane sandwich panel(50/75/100/150/200mm)

1. Polyurethane sandwich panel is a bimetallic, single-metal, non-metal composite sheet made of polyurethane rigid foam as insulation layer. It is usually used in industrial plants, logistics storage, wall and roof enclosure systems for integrated houses. The bonding strength of the polyurethane sandwich panel is not less than 0.09MPa, the combustion performance of the sandwich panel reaches B1 grade, and the flexural capacity of the sandwich panel is Lo/200 (Lo is the distance between the supports), the bending load of the sandwich panel The force is not less than 0.5Kn/m2.

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2. Polyurethane sandwich panels have the following characteristics:

●  Low thermal conductivity. The polyurethane sandwich panel composite panel has the small thermal conductivity and good thermal insulation performance, and is the best thermal insulation material at present.

●  The plate shape is beautiful, the installation is convenient, the concealed nails are connected, the surface has no exposed screws, and the building wall is beautiful and smooth.

●  Polyurethane sandwich panel has good fire resistance.

●  Polyurethane sandwich panel is non-toxic and tasteless.

●   Wide temperature range.

●  Waterproof, moisture proof.


Product performance PU sandwich panels are a new type of energy-saving board with good thermal insulation, good fire resistance, waterproof, moisture-proof, beautiful shape and convenient installation
Scope of application 1.Public buildings
2.Industrial plants, warehouses
3.Purification projects
Product Notes (Features) Good thermal insulation, good fire protection, waterproof, moisture proof, easy installation
Obtained certification CE certification
Solution The design scheme and construction scheme can be determined according to the actual situation of customers.




3. Polyurethane sandwich panel color selection:

The common colors of styrofoam foam sandwich panels are the following. There are other colors that we can customize for you.


4. Polyurethane sandwich panel type, sheet thickness and effective width
Common types of polyurethane sandwich panels are:

The thickness of polystyrene foam sandwich panels is as follows: 50mm/75mm/100mm/150mm/200mm


The commonly used thickness of polyurethane sandwich panels:50mm/75mm/100mm/150mm/200mm.


The effective width of the polyurethane sandwich panel:

Roof:1000mm, Wall:950mm/1150mm.


5. Polyurethane sandwich panels are connected in the following ways:

PU board connection method

6. Polyurethane sandwich panel production and loading:

    Standard coating packaging, protective clamps to avoid damage


7. Application of polyurethane sandwich panels:

Polyurethane sandwich panels are widely used in large industrial plants, cold storage, garages, mobile homes, exhibition halls, stadiums, shopping centers, airports, power plants, villas, hospitals, ground floor and high-rise office buildings, etc., due to excellent insulation properties. Roofing and walls for industrial and civil buildings. It is a high-efficiency and energy-saving building envelope material with wide application and great potential. It is also a new energy-saving sheet that is advocated and promoted.

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