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 1. Container houses

Container houses, also known as residential containers. Container house adopts steel plate, sandwich panel, bolt, aluminium accessories, concrete, wood, ceramic tile, glass, paint and other materials refined by standard technological process. It has the characteristics of ready-to-use, anytime and anywhere mobile, anytime and anywhere recycling, safe, environmental protection, beautiful, economic, fast, efficient and so on. In addition, it is also environmentally friendly, does not produce any garbage, and does not produce any pollution to the surrounding area.


2. The characteristics of container houses:

● Activity: Movable and reusable.

● Rapid construction: short manufacturing time, no foundation.

● Safety: steel structure, wind-proof and earthquake-proof.

● Durability: steel plate exterior wall, corrosion resistance, acid resistance, rust-free, service life of more than 10 years.

● Sound insulation and heat insulation: air insulation design, sound insulation and heat insulation is good.

● Beauty: Can do all kinds of modelling design, the outer wall of many colors, beautiful appearance, beautiful.


3. Plane layout:







Product performance:

1. High degree of prefabrication, all production materials can meet the industrialization and standardization operation;
2. Structural stability is high, and it has strong structural compression and wind resistance.
3. Good living comfort;
4. Green environmental protection, effective resources and energy saving.

Scope of application:

Hotel, House, Shop, Villa, Warehouse

Product Notes (Features):

Easy to disassemble and assemble. It can be taken and used immediately and moved at any time

Obtained certification:

CE certification


The design scheme and construction scheme can be determined according to the actual situation of customers.

4. Interior layout:

▼ Two level aisle


5. Components and accessories of container houses:


6. Market application of container houses:













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