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Delivery of steel structures for double span factory building in the Philippines


As the industry's leading steel structure solution provider, Canglong Group has recently successfully completed the production and preparation of a double-span factory steel structure project customized for distinguished customers in the Philippines, and has smoothly arranged the delivery. The steel structure system of this project is well designed, taking into full account the local climate conditions, geological characteristics and customers' strict requirements for production efficiency and space utilization in the Philippines.

steel structures

The double-span factory steel structure shipped this time is made of high-strength steel, with a stable structure and strong load-bearing capacity. It can withstand the common typhoons and bad weather in the Philippines, ensuring the safety and stability of the factory in long-term use. In terms of design, the double-span structure not only optimizes the spatial layout and improves production efficiency, but also fully considers ventilation and lighting, creating a more comfortable working environment for employees.

double-span factory steel structure

During the project execution process, Canglong Group strives for excellence in every step, from in-depth design, fine processing to strict quality inspection, and strives to deliver the best quality products to customers. Before delivery, the team conducted a comprehensive inspection and packaging to ensure that all components were not damaged during long-distance transportation. At the same time, it also provided customers with detailed installation guidance plans to help the project proceed smoothly.

factory building steel structure

This shipment not only marks a solid step forward for Canglong Group on its internationalization path, but also demonstrates the company's strong production capacity and high-quality service level. Canglong Group will continue to uphold the principle of "quality first, customer first" to provide global customers with better steel structure solutions and help the development and progress of all industries.




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