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How to find the steel structure factory building company?


Steel structure factory building is a building form that many enterprises use during peak season turnover. It is crucial to find a good construction company if you want to build a good steel structure factory. Firstly, check the completeness of the relevant qualification certificates of the construction company, then examine the equipment and facilities of the factory, and finally evaluate the professional level of the company's technical personnel. Before construction, you can also make a budget estimate yourself, such as the construction area of the factory, labor costs during installation, and material costs, etc. Below is a detailed introduction.

Steel structure factory building construction company

1. Judging from qualifications, general design qualifications, contracting qualifications, and processing qualifications.

2. Look at the company's workshop, which is a hardware facility of the company.

3. Looking at project cases, do you really have some mature construction experience.

4. Look at the employees in the technical department of the company, see their professional strength, employees represent the true level of a company.

5. It depends on what you want to do, whether it is a high-rise or a factory building. If the high-rise is good, the factory building may not be good. The saying goes, there is a sequence of skills and expertise in the field of knowledge.

steel structure factory building

How to estimate the budget for steel structure factory buildings?

1. Firstly, we need to measure the area of the factory we need to make, and then choose the size of the factory we need to make based on the area. After understanding the approximate area of the factory, you can check the local steel prices in the market or online, and calculate the approximate cost yourself. Then discuss with the steel structure factory the price of the factory area you need. Generally, the manufacturer's quotation is much higher than your estimated price, so you need to negotiate the price with the manufacturer. You can disclose the relevant information you have researched to the manufacturer and let them know that you are a professional, so that you can effectively lower the price.

2. When discussing prices, it is important to note whether the steel structure factory provides manual installation services. You have discussed everything and feel that the price is also very low. After signing the contract, you found that the manufacturer does not provide manual installation at all. The installation cost needs to be charged separately, and upon checking the contract, it is true that there is no indication in the contract that the manufacturer is required to provide manual services. This kind of thing is very likely to happen, and the cost of manual installation is also quite high. So you need to pay attention when signing the contract, or start by asking the manufacturer clearly that the quotation package does not include labor installation costs.

3. After the installation of the steel structure production room, it is necessary to paint and install doors and windows, which can be done by oneself. Take a look at the building materials market and buy some cost-effective paint and doors and windows. You can install it yourself, which saves a lot of money, and a complete steel structure factory building is completed like this. This is a rough estimation method for the quotation of steel structure factory buildings, which can crush your costs.



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